Brand Equity Enhancement
Value Creation Innovation
Human Capital Performance
Strategy Implementation High Impact
How to enhance brand equity value?

Brand equity is a key driver for customer retention and ensuring they continue to purchase your products and services after the Covid 19 pandemic to achieve long term sustainability.

How to create new-to-the-market products/services?

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing have profoundly disrupted consumer habits of communicating and shopping. It demands a paradigm shift in the traditional product/service design and operating model to satisfy the explicit and implicit needs of the customers!

How to motivate disengaged employees?

People is considered the root cause of both success and failures of a company. Employees can directly impact on the company P&L and equity value. Prompted by social unrest and the Covid 19 pandemic, Hong Kong was rated the world's most overworked city, most stressed-out population, lowest happiness index and highest absenteeism rate! These factors cause fatigue and anxiety resulting in “lying flat” apathetic employees!

How to Achieve Effective Strategy Deployment?

The market is like a battlefield! Faced with the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) business arena, Sun Tzu's
Art-of-War is a practical and proven “strategy deployment” model that can effectively neutralize the challenge of the VUCA. Lee Kum Kee achieved quantum growth during the global turmoil by augmenting Sun Tzu Art-of-War with DPI Strategic Thinking Processes producing a highly effective strategy-deployment model.