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Testimonials from Local Non-Industrial Clients


“The methodology and processes of DPI proved valid and relevant in the Hong Kong educational field. The whole process helped greatly in building our team spirit.

Certainly the energetic follow up and close supervision of the implementation of the decisions made at the end of the workshop are vital to the final successful outcome of the whole process.”

Fr. Simon Lam, Chairman of ATS Management Committee


“…the workshop was mind-opening and truly challenging the audience to think outside the box.”

Rev. Father Michael Yeung, VG, Caritas Hong Kong


“…a succinct reminder of the core elements of strategic thinking crystalized into a systemic framework.”

Ms. Linda So, Director General, Federation of HK Industry


“…many of us might have heard about those concepts he (DPI) talked about, but not many of us could restructure and synthesize those concepts and turn them into a tool for action planning.”

Prof. Kwok-Kan Tam, Dean and Chair Professor, 
The School of Arts & Social Sciences, Hong Kong Open University


“…Highly relevant and a must for those who are either planning to set up a social enterprise or finding ways to improve the sustainability of a NGO.“

Ms. Alice Tang, GM Oncology Business Unit, Novartis Hong Kong


“…I like the concept of Output and Outcome. The workshop gave me an insight into Strategic Thinking Process.”

Mr. Ben Chan, Deputy Executive Director, Youth Outreach