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How to create new-to-the-market products/services?

Consumer habits of communicating and shopping have been profoundly disrupted by the global pandemic and social distancing. It demands a paradigm shift in the traditional product/service design and operating model to satisfy the post-pandemic explicit and implicit needs of the customers!

From DPI’s investigation, there are five deadly mindsets that kill product/service innovation:

Deadly Mindset #1: Worshiping at the Altar of the Cash Cow
Deadly Mindset #2: “Our industry is mature. There is no more growth in these markets.”
Deadly Mindset #3: Commodity product fallacy
Deadly Mindset #4: Too much focus on current customers
Deadly Mindset #5: “The economy is down this is not the time to invest in new products.”

Faced with a mature product life cycle and intense competition from generic rivals, Panadol changed its traditional line extension product development model to application marketing strategy and successfully entered a number of high growth therapeutic categories and broke free from the red ocean.

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