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Testimonials from International Clients


“…With the DPI process you form a new strategy in just a few days.  You even get all the way down to putting together an implementation plan” 

Clifford J, Christenson, President & COO
Wellman Inc.


“…The results are spectacular!  We now just finishing our third consecutive record year of earning…”

Stephen Bonner, President & CEO
Cancer Treatment Centers of America


“”…We took a sleepy 100 million US dollar company to a dynamic 1.1 billion dollar company in five years…”

Kurt Wiedenhaupt, CEO
API Inc.


“…We had 45% increase last years on a 128 million US dollar base.  It will be a 250 million dollars business this year…”

George Oram, Executive VP
Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF)


“…We have large increases in our product lines.  We return a profit to our shareholders and very pleased with the outcome…”

Tim Tyler, President & CEO
Borroughs Corporation


“There are so many ideas that come pass my desk every day…whenever I get a little fuzzy in my thinking…I pull up my “Strategic Filter”.  "Our growth has been really good over the years…”

Jack Pickard, CEO
FedEx Custom Critical, Inc.