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How to motivate disengaged employees?

People is generally regarded a root cause of both success and failure of a company. Employees can directly impact on the company P&L and its equity value.

Prompted by social unrest and the Covid 19 pandemic, Hong Kong was rated the world’s most overworked city, most stressed-out population, lowest happiness index and highest absenteeism rate! These factors cause fatigue and anxiety resulting in “lying flat” manner of disconcerted employees!

The challenge for company leaders is to be able to rejuvenate disconcerted employees and reengaging them for the disruptive business environment. A recent survey found that Huawei employees had a high degree of satisfaction with the “targeted incentive” mechanism of the group. The founder Ren Zhengfei proposed the scheme based on human motivation and desire to stimulate the vitality and creativity of Huawei people under pressure from the U.S. government.


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